Yoga Madre is a community yoga studio located in Sierra Madre. We offer classes for beginners and seasoned students alike, taught by experienced and compassionate teachers.



“Prior to everything, asana is spoken of as the first part of hatha yoga. Having done asana one gets steadiness (firmness) of body and mind; diseaselessness and lightness (flexibility) of the limbs.”

    – Hatha Yoga Pradipika

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“Pranayama is more than just controlling the breath. Its primary purpose is to awaken prana, to maintain a healthy body and mind, and to prepare ourselves so that we can become aware of the more subtle levels of our existence.”

    – Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya

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“The use of Mantra…is effective in securing single-pointedness of mind… Mantra leads the spirit, lost in trivialities and worldly pursuits, back to pure Essence.”

    – Mantras: Words of Power

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“When oil is poured from one vessel to another, one can observe the steady constant flow. When the flow of concentration is uninterrupted, the state that arises is dhyana (meditation).”

    – Light on Yoga

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Healthy Body, Tranquil Mind

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  • Unfold the Beauty of Practice Oct 15, 2017

    Join René Quenell and Keely Totten in this dynamic alignment & energy practice-based workshop. 1-4 PM.

  • Caribbean Retreat Nov 12-18, 2017

    Who am I? How do I maintain lasting happiness? Find the answer to these questions and more! Join René Quenell and Lucy Pirner this fall in Belize.

  • 300 Hour Teacher Training Starts Dec 1, 2017

    Our goal is to help you find the inner teacher and radiant personality that are uniquely yours. Join our small program with plenty of one-on-one instruction and delve into not just the asanas, but the philosophy and spirituality and yoga therapy.

  • Para Yoga Vinyasa Krama 6 Day Workshop

    Join us for a 6 day intensive training on the energetics of sequencing in yoga. René Quenell will be teaching as a Para Yoga Level 3 teacher.

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