If we were the perfect yogis, we would get up before dawn to do our practice.
It would be the same pattern everyday: get up at the same time, do a cleansing, an asana practice (postures), some breath work, kriya and japa meditation – all in our caves with no distractions.
We would eat freshly prepared food made with love according to Ayurvedic principles and have a good long yoga nidra (yoga sleep).
Enlightenment would be within reach, we would work so hard and the benefits would be clarity and inner peace. All our desires for greater good would be realized.
But alas, here we are in the real world, kids and pets climbing on us during meditation and a fast meal. We go off to school and work without the time for practice. Are we supposed to give up that precious time when the kids jump into our beds or intimacy with our partners in the early hours of the morning?
The real world here doesn’t look like what the yogis in the caves are doing.
Life in the ashram seems great, but what about my job? Tantra is yoga for all of us – not just the kings or Brahmins. It is about the practices that we can all access. The meaning of tantra is to weave. It’s about weaving yoga into our everyday lives. Finding the practices that fit your life – that’s perfect yoga. It’s about more than just a class every once in a while. If we create our own personal discipline that helps us to live a happier and fuller life, then we are on the right track.
My teacher says to wrap your life in your practice. Wrap your home and your family in your practice. Live it and enjoy all the benefits.
It starts by coming to class and soon, you will be looking for your own practice at home to live everyday and still get to come enjoy class with all the other yogis who are wrapping their lives in it as well. Before the crazy holidays sweep you away, make the commitment. Start the wonderful practice that allows you stability and comfort with in all the turmoil. Get grounded and clear – the Holidays will be lots more fun, trust me.
See you in class.