Corporate Yoga

Yoga Madre offers yoga classes to the business community.  Let our certified and experienced teachers bring the benefits of yoga to your workplace.



– Reduce stress
– Become stronger, healthier, calmer and more focused
– Increase productivity
– Improve employee relations
– Increase creativity
– Improve morale

Yoga is not just an exercise program.  It is for physical and mental health, wellbeing and personal growth.  Yoga helps us develop awareness of the effects of stress and learn the skills to manage them.  This allows for increased productivity, happier relationships,  nicer atmosphere and realized talents in individuals.  It also promotes clear perceptions and decision making, less job injuries, better concentration and clarity of mind.  Not only will your employees feel better but their health will improve as well.

Classes will include:

– Exercise and stretching (asanas)
– Breathing exercises (pranayama)
– Relaxation
– Concentration and meditation
– Mindfulness
– Diet and lifestyle
– Self-awareness and introspection
– Positive thinking


After a consultation with your Human Resources Department we can customize a specific plan to meet the needs of your company. Your classes can be general or focused on back care, computer use, stress reduction or focus.

– Morning, lunchtime or after work classes are available.
– Our instructors will come to your facility.  We will need a large room.

In addition to ongoing classes, we offer workshops and retreats and convention workshops and speakers.

– Series typically run for 12 weeks.
– 1 – 2 classes a week depending on your needs.
– Most employees are happy to contribute some toward the classes.

Your employees will need:

– A yoga mat and towel
– Wear comfortable clothing for exercise
– All levels are welcome
– No past experience necessary

Please call our offices for an appointment at 626-355.2010 and ask for René.