They say that this weekend we will be blowing again.
In Yoga and Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga) we say that the wind is Vata. Wind is good, it keeps things blowing or moving around. It keeps us dancing, talking, questioning.
But when we get too much wind – we get spacey. The wind can make us ungrounded, unfocused and depressed. If we cannot concentrate – we cannot get anything done. Getting things done gives us a sense of self and accomplishment.
In today’s world everything is Vata! There are planes, trains, cars, cell phones and Twitter! Everything is moving too fast. Not to mention that as we age, well, we get a little drier in the skin and bones department. So while we want to keep moving, we need nurturing and grounding. We want to learn the secrets of living longer and feeling whole.
Your yoga practice can make a HUGE difference. A focus on the elements can bring greater balance.
For example, the elements that balance wind would be Earth and Water. So bringing in the earth element can stabilize and ground you. The water element can hydrate and nourish you. A flow-y water like practice can counter that fast-paced wind but keep you moving and happy. Forward folds are a great way to bring in earth. Balancing with your gaze fixed on a spot on the floor can help too. What we want is calm and steady. So we flow a little and then stabilize. Easy right?
The idea is not to get rid of what we cannot change – the wind, but to balance and support what we can change – ourselves.
See you in class.
Namasté, René

Posted on 2013