I can remember when I first began practicing yoga, it felt so natural. It felt like it was meant to be, I was in the right place. Like HOME. Even after practicing just a couple of months, it felt like I had been practicing for years.

Attending a teacher training had actually crossed my mind back then but when I looked for programs, they were on the other side of town taking place while I was at work. And not to mention the part I was already working and 8-5 and attending night school from 6-10 most evenings.

So, I settled in to develop a practice. Not only did my physical asana practice improve, but my spirit started to evolve. I began to loosen up and some of my anxiety was relieved. I started to have fun! Granted I was no stranger to spirituality or seeking that out, but I needed more –time to just be.

Upon 2 pregnancies, I continued to practice; right up until birth and then right after. My yoga gracefully carried me through all of these stages. I remember being impressed by the support from the yoga community. My Love for yoga continued to grow.
And yes, another natural step came next; a Teacher Training. This time it could be a reality! It was Yoga Madre’s program, taking place on the weekends. Right here in town. But what about the time? the money? the baby?! Somehow it worked out. I was so excited.

And I can’t say I was frightened of any spiritual work and self study to be had–I was excited to go deeper. I was keen on the part about growing & moving forward; there’s going to be uncomfortable moments & stuff–fear, pain, judgement. It became my job to be fearless in this pursuit.You ask what has come of this? Knowing myself better, getting in touch with my dreams, developing a sense of where my energy is going, sharing (teaching) what I love with others, and a regular meditation practice (something I’ve longed for).

This is an ongoing continuous journey filled with love, fear, joy, and countless opportunities to learn! So, there. For those seeking to deepen their practice, get clear, and follow your dreams, we offer you our Teacher Training/Advanced Studies program.

Next 200 hr starting in January.

Namaste and Love,
Keely T.
Honored to be teaching yoga