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Never been to a yoga class?

September 12, 2013
Anyone can go to yoga. You do not need to be flexible. All ages are in the same room.
But you want to pick the level that is right for you.
Some of us need gentle yoga. We want to calm the mind, stretch out and get strong, yet with out the strain on the wrists and knees. Maybe our low backs are tricky and we just want to build strength with out aggravation there. Maybe we have had a health issue that keeps us from more vigorous exercise or even that we haven’t done any physical movement for a while and need to work in slowly. Gentle class is great for this. We learn to go inside and choose what is right for us.
Beginning class is for the student that wants to get moving. You get all the benefits of the gentle practice, but with even more strength. You learn alignment and how to do the poses. You learn breathing exercises to help you build stamina and tame the thoughts. Any class creates greater focus, but beginning is the place to start if you are in ok shape and want to get all the benefits of a yoga class. You can learn meditation and mantra.
All levels is for the student that knows a little bit of yoga and is ready for a bit more challenge – but the great thing is you get to work at your own level. Advanced and easier modifications are given. More challenging breath options and more of the ancient teachings work their way in.
You don’t generally have to make a reservation for class in our neighborhood.
You can just show up a few minutes early to meet the teacher and tell them your specific needs. You don’t need to bring anything but yourself. Wear comfortable clothing. You’ll go barefoot. Most studios have mats to borrow or rent. You just need to get there. The teacher takes care of the rest.
If you have ever heard someone say “ I went to a yoga class, and it was too hot” or “ I went to yoga and everyone was doing all these crazy poses and I was lost” – then you need to come to Yoga Madre. It’s not too hot and it’s really friendly and accessible.
You will be so glad you did!
See you in class,

A Teacher’s Story

September 5, 2013

I can remember when I first began practicing yoga, it felt so natural. It felt like it was meant to be, I was in the right place. Like HOME. Even after practicing just a couple of months, it felt like I had been practicing for years.

Attending a teacher training had actually crossed my mind back then but when I looked for programs, they were on the other side of town taking place while I was at work. And not to mention the part I was already working and 8-5 and attending night school from 6-10 most evenings.

So, I settled in to develop a practice. Not only did my physical asana practice improve, but my spirit started to evolve. I began to loosen up and some of my anxiety was relieved. I started to have fun! Granted I was no stranger to spirituality or seeking that out, but I needed more –time to just be.

Upon 2 pregnancies, I continued to practice; right up until birth and then right after. My yoga gracefully carried me through all of these stages. I remember being impressed by the support from the yoga community. My Love for yoga continued to grow.
And yes, another natural step came next; a Teacher Training. This time it could be a reality! It was Yoga Madre’s program, taking place on the weekends. Right here in town. But what about the time? the money? the baby?! Somehow it worked out. I was so excited.

And I can’t say I was frightened of any spiritual work and self study to be had–I was excited to go deeper. I was keen on the part about growing & moving forward; there’s going to be uncomfortable moments & stuff–fear, pain, judgement. It became my job to be fearless in this pursuit.You ask what has come of this? Knowing myself better, getting in touch with my dreams, developing a sense of where my energy is going, sharing (teaching) what I love with others, and a regular meditation practice (something I’ve longed for).

This is an ongoing continuous journey filled with love, fear, joy, and countless opportunities to learn! So, there. For those seeking to deepen their practice, get clear, and follow your dreams, we offer you our Teacher Training/Advanced Studies program.

Next 200 hr starting in January.

Namaste and Love,
Keely T.
Honored to be teaching yoga


July 1, 2013

I have been thinking so much about freedom lately – what with our wonderful holiday and all. We are such a fortunate people to be free. But I continue to come back to what freedom really is. Are you free?

We all think that freedom is being able to do what we want, say what we want, eat what we want, drink, think, feel, behave. And then what do we have really? Excess. Excess weight, extreme behaviors, drinking problems, emotional turmoil and the ability to be a slug and not take care of ourselves. Hmm, then comes illness or the inability to run or even touch our toes.

True freedom is the ability to adapt. Adapt to our surroundings and the needs of our bodies; the ability to adapt to a situation and thrive. To make the right choices and breathe into adversity – THAT is freedom.

Freedom is not the constraint of our beliefs, or slavery to our ever-chattering minds, or the pressures of the lives we have created.

That is suffocation.

How do we then explore our freedoms? Get on the mat, of course. Learning about how we can transform ourselves, learning about the possibilities, getting to know our egos, our fears, our edges, getting stronger and feeling the empowerment, learning to fly (ardha chandrasana), these are freedoms. It’s not about a diet it’s about making the food choices that will allow our bodies to do paschimotanasana (forward fold) or hike up the Mount Wilson Trail.

It’s about staying in balance so that we have a better chance of surviving by not getting sick. The best freedom of all is for our minds to be calm, for us to learn to love ourselves and for us to be happy.

So once again, I advocate getting on your mat every day. Create a discipline for yourself that will allow you to be free!
Namasté, René


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