I am born and raised Italian.
I started to practice Yoga 14 years ago when I moved to Los
Angeles. I took my first teacher training in 2010 with Erich Schiffmann.
It was just 20hrs, but it was deeply transformative. He gave me a consistent meditation practice.
In 2012 I graduated from the 200hrs TT program with Yoga Works. In 2014 I graduated from Yoga Works at a 500hrs level. My mentor is Jeanne Heileman. My final project is a work on Svadhyaya, an exploration of the relation between knowledge
of the self, creativity and yoga, with a focus on the realm of contemporary art.
I am also an art historian and art curator well known in this field.
I traveled to India several times, when I was living in Italy. My love for Indian philosophy and culture pre-date my love for the physical practice. In 2013 I had the privilege to start study the philosophy of yoga in the lineage of Sri Vidya with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait from the Himalayan Institute. Since 2013 I started also training with Rod Stryker.
I am currently studying on line anatomy and the physiology of breath with Leslie Kaminoff.  I completed a training with Larry Payne “ Yoga for the Prime of Life”, that is basically how to modify poses for people between the age of forty and seventy who are new to yoga. In December 2014 I also did an 80 hours training with Maty Ezraty, called “ The heart of a teacher.”
Over the years Yoga helped me tremendously and still does, keeping me strong in the turmoil of life. I know it from myself; this practice can do a lot for all kind of people on a physical and mental level.
My teaching is influenced by the many amazing teachers I had the good luck to meet; the flow of Yoga Works style and the precision, focus on alignment I got from my Iyengar teachers, like Paul Cabanis, Kofi Busia, Manuso Manos and Carrie Owerko. I am also very tuned in with the energy of the students and try to work with that as well. Parayoga teachings of Rod Stryker and Jeanne Heileman inspire my work around the managing of energy. In me there is a little bit of all my teachers and I am grateful for it.
I am very attentive to breath work, to direct the awareness and meditative aspect of the practice. I believe in the healing power of yoga, especially for the mind. I am really keen about safety and modifications of the poses according to different bodies and the therapeutic aspects asana.

Overall I am a seeker and I will continue to study and immerse myself in this vast ocean of knowledge that is yoga.
I will always be a student of yoga.

Emi teaches Mixed Levels classes.