I have been practicing yoga for eighteen years and received my teacher training at Santa Monica Yoga under the tutelage of Nancy Goodstein, Kyra Haglund and Shari Friedrichsen of the Himalayan Institute.  My training is largely Ashtanga- based but my approach is interpretive and individual.  No hamstrings are too tight, no person too new!  My enduring love of yoga finds its roots in integrating this ancient asana system with the modern, western psyche.  Yogis have always “known” what the world is discovering in the fields of neuroscience and biology right now: that the mind/body connection is a fact and that we are physiologically disposed towards transformation of our own design.  I feel fortunate to have come to the practice those many years ago and seek to share what I’ve learned in a spirit of playfulness and community. My class aims at building strength, flexibility and cultivating breathing techniques.

Maggie teaches Beginning classes.