Sara discovered yoga at a young age. She remembers her very first class and how she was instantly
mystified by the ancient practice. After years as a competitive swimmer and scuba diver, Sara was
initially drawn to the focus on breath control and the internal discipline it created. However, unlike
swimming, Sara loved the non-competitive aspect of yoga and self-awareness it cultivated. She views
yoga as a way of living – an integrated practice that facilitates self-study, discipline, compassion, and
being fully connected with the present moment. Sara credits yoga for completely transforming her life,
creating steadiness and ease in the mind, while allowing her to live in the body, acknowledging every
subtle sensation without attachment. Sara loves sparking transformation within her students and
watching them fly. Her classes have been described as passionate, fun, curious, bright, adventurous, and
full of Shakti.

After moving between San Clemente, Mammoth Lakes, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bogota,
Colombia, Sara’s yoga practice remained the common thread that wove her formative years together.
Yoga introduced a “home” within her body that she could return to any time. While living in San
Francisco, Sara began studying Jivamukti yoga, a branch of Hatha yoga, which brought her balance
amidst a stressful career, busy city life, and trauma she suffered in her twenties. A few years later, Sara
attended a yoga festival, where Rod Stryker’s words, “You are not your mind, you are that which
experiences your mind thinking,” became her mantra for many years, before moving to Los Angeles and
finding Yoga Madre. Sara completed her 200 hour teacher training with Rene Quenell at Yoga Madre
and has continued into advanced studies with her 500 hour teacher training. Sara is very passionate
about her personal practice and loves introducing more self-care, discipline, and mindfulness into her
everyday life.

While off the mat, Sara is focused on international volunteerism. She has returned to Colombia for five
consecutive years, fundraising and building twelve homes, a sports field, and a children’s park outside of
Bogota. Sara also loves traveling, creating art, solving complex mathematics equations, advocating for
civil rights, and spending time with her husband and French bulldogs.