I began the practice of yoga 12 years ago in Paris, France.  After years of ballet and competing in the academic world, yoga was a revolution for me. It did not matter what the other students looked like, it did not matter what I looked like or how deep I could go, the only thing that mattered was how I felt. This feeling of being inside my body as it is, and enjoying every step of the journey is what my practice of yoga is about. In a world where appearance and performance are valued so much, slowing down and turning inwards is what keeps me sane.

I moved here after living in China for 6 years, where I studied  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. There, I deepened my understanding of the ways in which all parts of the body are interconnected.

As a holistic medicine practitioner, it is fundamental for me to incorporate all elements of yoga in my practice and in my classes: precise movement, conscious breath and focused awareness, to create all-around well being. Whether during the dynamic, active vinyasa flow classes or during the passive, calm, restorative classes, I always encourage body-mind connection and emphasize the importance of breath.

Yoga has given me a gift that I am honored to share. I am very grateful for the teachings that led me to understand that yoga is not something that you do, but a way of being. I continue to study with my teacher, René Quenell at Yoga Madre, in the Himalayan Tradition and Chinese Medicine at Alhambra Medical University.  Always the student and forever grateful.

Sarah teaches Sunrise Vinyasa Flow and Restorative classes.