Yoga is a science.
Real yoga is based on what has been taught for many, many years. It is not a fad or passing craze. The really amazing, life changing, transformational practices come from the yoga of tradition.
This traditional yoga is called Tantra. Most all of our current styles of yoga today stem from Tantra. Tantra is the yoga for real people. But a lot of yoga has gotten away from the tradition.
On June 17, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD, my teacher’s teacher (which makes him my teacher too) will be speaking in Pasadena on Living Tantra. You do not even need to practice yoga to go listen to this amazing man. But you will be so glad that you did.
Panditji is one of the most amazing yogis ever. He is the Chairman and Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute and the successor to Sri Swami Rama. He will be dressed in plain clothes and there will be no poses – just lecture and a meditation, but he will be speaking on what the tantric masters proclaim: “There is an innate wisdom in your body, and an immense power in your mind. What you need is the time-tested technique for discovering yourself – your wonderful body and beautiful mind.”
I cannot recommend going to see him enough. The beautiful light of his soul shines right through his eyes. You can get tickets on our website at They are $20 in advance and $30 the day of.
I am sure this event will sell out.
You can get more info at You don’t want to miss! Have a great week.
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