I have been thinking so much about freedom lately – what with our wonderful holiday and all. We are such a fortunate people to be free. But I continue to come back to what freedom really is. Are you free?

We all think that freedom is being able to do what we want, say what we want, eat what we want, drink, think, feel, behave. And then what do we have really? Excess. Excess weight, extreme behaviors, drinking problems, emotional turmoil and the ability to be a slug and not take care of ourselves. Hmm, then comes illness or the inability to run or even touch our toes.

True freedom is the ability to adapt. Adapt to our surroundings and the needs of our bodies; the ability to adapt to a situation and thrive. To make the right choices and breathe into adversity – THAT is freedom.

Freedom is not the constraint of our beliefs, or slavery to our ever-chattering minds, or the pressures of the lives we have created.

That is suffocation.

How do we then explore our freedoms? Get on the mat, of course. Learning about how we can transform ourselves, learning about the possibilities, getting to know our egos, our fears, our edges, getting stronger and feeling the empowerment, learning to fly (ardha chandrasana), these are freedoms. It’s not about a diet it’s about making the food choices that will allow our bodies to do paschimotanasana (forward fold) or hike up the Mount Wilson Trail.

It’s about staying in balance so that we have a better chance of surviving by not getting sick. The best freedom of all is for our minds to be calm, for us to learn to love ourselves and for us to be happy.

So once again, I advocate getting on your mat every day. Create a discipline for yourself that will allow you to be free!
Namasté, René


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