“I was practicing everyday. I felt great. Then I got a cold. 3 weeks later I made it back to class. It felt great. I was weaker, but got it back. Then we went on vacation, then it was the Holidays, then taxes, then…” well, you get the picture.

There are a million reasons not to go to class today. “I have to help my sister. I have to go to a meeting at school. My son has a dentist appointment. Work is crazy right now. I feel too fat to go to yoga. I just haven’t had time.” -I hear this all the time!

This is the story of everyday life. The thing is – we feel so much better when we practice. Our lives start flowing better also.

What about if there is a bigger tragedy or strife? What do we fall back on?

It is then that we need the yoga more than ever. Our practice centers us, calms us focuses us, helps with our physical wellbeing, our spiritual wellbeing. In a nutshell: yoga helps us live a better life.

Yoga is about finding happiness in our selves. What better way to face adversity than from a place of calm? With a better understanding of ourselves and how we process and overcome – we can be powerful creatures indeed. When things are busy, not going great, stressful, and we have no time – that’s when we need to get on the mat even more!

But here’s the best part: yoga is always there for you. It doesn’t have to take up your whole day, you can do just a little bit today or you can just do a gentle class. Yoga welcomes you back home, to yourself, whenever you wish to be there.

See you in class.

Namasté, René


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