When you really need someone – who can you count on?
When you are feeling low? When you want to share your joy? When you make a huge mistake or a huge accomplishment, do you have that go to person who is always at the ready to listen to you and comfort you/support you?
Well, that’s a pretty tall order for a best friend, spouse or even parent – to always be there, all the time, at a moment’s notice. Who can you count on for that sage advice, any time of day or night? The answer is so easy. It’s you!
We have to be there for ourselves.
Love all of ourselves, support all of ourselves, be the wise sage with the answers for our best well-being. So the question is: how do you cultivate this relationship with yourself? You are too busy being there for others. Too busy working and distracting yourself with the internet. Is that last hour a night on the computer the absolute best way to support your self?
In yoga we learn to be there. We cultivate a relationship with our Inner Teacher. This inner teacher knows what we should do, knows how to avoid the same mistakes and directs us with love and support. We learn to be our own best friend. The practice of yoga is for self-sufficiency. Then when we are not looking to others for love and support, when we feel complete and whole within, we can share that confidence and love with others.
We can inspire and be a bright light. We are never alone. You are so very wise, and yet, you may be completely dependent on someone else. The journey of self -discovery is rewarding beyond belief. It is not always easy. That is why we avoid. But once you understand how strong and happy you are, your self is such a wonderful place be. You can spend time inside and on your side, every time you practice yoga.
You may just learn you have a new best friend!
See you in class.
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